Where is the Guereo village ?

The village is located 70 km from Dakar on the south coast of Senegal, in the rural community of Sindia, Thies. Guereo is separated from the Somone village by the lagoon.

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What is the architecture of the beach-house?

‘La Maison Guereo’ beach house is strategically located on a small hill – about 10 meters high – offering a panoramic view of the surroundings and a delighting breeze.

The beach-house is built on a 1 300 m2 land, on which stand 2 residences:

  • The main residence
    • On the ground floor
      • The living room with an opened kitchen & bar 
      • 1 bedroom on each sides of the living room ; the Red bedroom & the Orange bedroom with a private bathroom each
      • The interior porch with an ocean view and bench 
      • The exterior porch 
    • On the first floor
      • The 50 m2 bedroom suite with a private bathroom 
      • The 60 m² oceanview terrace, pergola and 2 sun porches 
  • The second residence
    • On the ground floor
      • The kids’ bedroom with i a bathroom. The bedroom is equipped with 2 bunk beds 
      • A large play room
    • On the first floor
      • An opened hut with a  360° view of the surroundings, the ocean and the lagoon 
      • A 61 m² terrace with pergola

Between the 2 residences, is the swimming-pool, the pool hut with  a lunch/dinner  table and a barbecue grill.

The security guard’s chamber is located on the west entrance  – ocean side –  which has a direct access to the beach. 

Architectural plan of the beach-house (click to zoom on image) : 

What are the prices ?

La Maison Guereo is always rented in its entirety, regardless of the number of people. The base price for one week is 720 € for two people with the all inclusive formula (breakfast, lunch, dinner, mineral water and local juices).

Starting at the third person, there is an extra fee of 30 € per day per adult, and 20 € per day per child over 3 years old. Free stay for babies and young children up to 3 years (inclusive).

A volume discount is applied based on the number of days and that from the second night (1 night 185€, 2 à 3 nights 166€, 4 à 7 148€, 8 and more 130€). Please note as well that the more you will be, the less it will cost you. For example, for 4 adults with 2 children, the 4 nights for 41€/day/pers (more details in the price chart below).



Price chart (without children):


Price chart (with children):

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What does the all-inclusive package include ? Are there any other packages ?

The package includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, mineral water and local juices, barbecue and snacks (pancakes, donuts, etc ...).

Towels and sheets provided.

There are no other packages.

What is your cancellation policy ?

In case of cancellation, we refund all payments as long as the request respect the following policy:

  • Outside school holidays, any cancellation must be requested at least 15 days before the checkin date. Otherwise, a penalty of 10% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged
  • For any cancellation of a booking during school holidays, the delay is 4 weeks prior to the checkin date and the penalty is 20%

How do you organize the transportation ?

You can order an extra shuttle service. It is also possible to rent a SUV for the duration of your stay.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, please specify it on the booking form (pet meals and accessories are not included in the package).

What activities do you offer?

In the house, we provide all sporting equipments for practicing beach volleyball, beach soccer, table tennis, beach and pool floats, board games, poker, reading, etc... (all the house activities are included in your package).

Other leisure activities are available outside of the beach house : visit of the lagoon, the animal sanctuary of Bandia, quad rental in Saly, visit of the beautiful Pink Lake, the island of Goree, the island of Ngor, the desert Lompoul etc...

Here is a map showing a non exhausite list of activities. Click on the icons to view the description and zoom in / out by double-clicking or by using the navigation buttons at the top left.

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